Susan Hammond Skin Care    
501 E Broadway, suite C, Long Beach, Ca. 90802(suite C is on Linden)
For appointment call or email:  (562)472-7197
About meI've been an esthetician and doing skin care for 17 years.  My passion for facials and skin care started in my mid-to late 20's.  I loved getting facials and trying skin care products...and soon after, it turned into my career. I love what I do!
My facials are customized to each individuals skin type, needs and personal goals. I combine holistic therapy into all my services with facial accupressure and essential oils. I can create a service and protocol with your goals and desired approach....with the option/combination of medical, clinical and organic skin care available. 
I promote wellness & relaxation as well as good skin care.
Facial Products:  
Clinical Products:  Susan Hammond Skin Care, & PCA Skin
Organic Products:  Skin & Bones,  & Little Barn Apathecary

503 E Broadway, 
Long beach, CA 90802

Mon, Tues, & Thurs: 10AM -9PM by appointment
Fri:  10AM-2PM by appointment
Sat: 8AM - 4PM by appointment
Sun: Closed

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